Office of Business & Economic Development
(formerly Cranford District Management Corporation (DMC)
The Office of Business & Economic Development is the Township department charged with economic revitalization and marketing for the Special Improvement District (SID), an area comprised of 223 properties and more than 300 businesses located in the SID; 190 retail uses in approx. 309,000 SF; approx 50,000 SF of office space; and almost 1,000 apartments/ condo units in the SID and immediate area.
The Office has played a major role in advancing major investments downtown, including Cranford Crossing and The Riverfront, as well as smaller scale projects; streamlining the permit approval process, zoning revisions; parking and public space improvements; and, communications and marketing to attract businesses, investors and visitors.

The Office was responsible for Cranford’s designation as a Transit Village and a $200,000 grant from the NJ Dept. of Transportation.

Please visit our website for more information: www.Cranford.com/Downtown.

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