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Cori Eberling opened her clothing, accessory, and gift shop Anthem style & gift at the tail end of the holiday season in 2015. Now her store has been open for a year, and she finds herself running a retail shop that has already made a name for itself with its trendy, stylish, and unique items. Cori has found that many of her customers are excited to have another retail option in town, meaning they don’t have to head to the mall when they’re looking for a new outfit. She has also recognized that people’s schedules have changed, so she often keeps the store open later, taking advantage of potential customers who are on their way home from work or heading out to dinner downtown.

Cori and employee
There are a number of items at the store that Cori can point to as being popular among her customers. S’well bottles have been a hit since Cori started stocking them, and many people grab the bottles for themselves or as a gift. Anthem also sets itself apart from bigger stores by selling unique items done by smaller designers. Cori is constantly attending trade shows and scoping out the latest hot items via social media. The core customer of Anthem tends to be women between 25-35, though customers of all ages have found reasons to love the store. Working women, stay-at-home moms, teenage girls – they all make their way to Anthem on a regular basis to check out what new items are in stock.


While this holiday season was in full-swing Cori was already looking forward to what she would stock in the spring. With the previous spring season under her belt, she has a better idea of what her customers are looking for. She also plans to hold more events, as the ones she held in 2016, including Friendsgiving, were extremely successful. “I owe my success to my customers,” Cori said. “They’re so loyal, and always popping their heads in to see what’s new. I’m so pleased with our experience in downtown Cranford.”

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