Cranford Works Brings Coworking to Downtown Cranford

The way people work has changed a lot in the past few years. Many employees have the option to work from home a few days a week, while other people work as freelancers or are self-employed. The only option these workers previously had was to squeeze an office space into their house, or park themselves at a local coffee shop for the day. Steve Needle, of Needle Point Homes, recognized that there was a need for a place where people could work in a nice, updated space without having to go into the office. His friends told him about WeWork in NYC, a coworking space where people could have their own office or desk while also sharing resources, ideas, and equipment with other workers. Steve believed that the concept was perfect for Cranford and created Cranford Works, a coworking space that is just steps from the train station and downtown.

Double Office

People who want to rent an office or desk at Cranford Works can do it on a monthly or yearly basis. The rent includes access to a conference room, a kitchen stocked with coffee and water, private bathrooms, a copy machine, and Wi-Fi. Each desk also has its own secure cabinet so people can leave files at their workspace. Anyone renting a space in the building is given a keycard so they can access it 24/7. When asked why he felt there was a need for a coworking space, Steve Needle pointed to the changes in how people work now. “Many people work at home or at a coffee shop a few days a week, but that’s not necessarily a way for them to be the most productive,” he said. “With Cranford Works they have the opportunity to work individually while also getting the benefit of social interaction and becoming a bigger part of the community.”

Conference Room

James DellaVecchia, a Cranford resident and the owner of DellaVecchia Group, recently moved his business to Cranford Works. “I knew I wanted to stay in Cranford and after seeing the Cranford Works facility it was a no-brainer. Steve Needle has created a modern professional atmosphere that is conducive to running a successful business. As a financial adviser, I meet with clients face-to-face and know how important first impressions are…which is why Cranford Works works for me! The transition into our new office has been smooth and the feedback we receive on our new space is amazing.” For our part, we’re thrilled that Cranford Works chose downtown Cranford for their innovative and unique workspace.

Cranford Works
184 North Ave E.

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