Downtown Businesses Give Back to the Community in So Many Ways

Local businesses are an important part of any community. They provide dining and shopping options, as well as personal or professional services. But, local businesses do so much more and their support is essential to schools, PTAs, sports teams, civic organizations, and charitable events.

Mane Event
We wondered just what this support means in dollars, so we reached out to our more than 200 downtown businesses to get an idea of how they support and contribute to causes near and dear to local residents. We heard back from just 36 business owners, but their contributions alone topped more than $110,000 last year.

These contributions came in a number of forms. Many times businesses will donate gift cards, food, services, or merchandise, in addition to offering sponsorships and discounts. These donations were spread across local schools, non-profit organizations, religious institutions, and sports teams. Many times the businesses will also hold fundraisers to support causes, donating not only money but also time. In addition, local businesses also give back to the community by employing local residents. In the five years since they first opened, the owners of Augusta Mae estimate they’ve employed about a dozen high school students. There’s no doubt that many Cranford teenagers’ first job was at a local business. A number of hair salons and retailers also help out each year with the high school fashion show, donating hair styling services or outfits for the students to wear.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking our business owners for all that they do. Their generosity, in both time and money, is one of the things that makes Cranford so special. So from all of us, thank you!

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