Looking for Outsanding Coffee, Pastries & Service? Check out Track 5 Coffee.

Kevin Brennan first opened the Rockn’ Joe coffee shop in 1993. He ended up franchising the business, but last year decided to make the original Cranford store independent. He changed the name to Track 5 Coffee, and went to work expanding the size of the location, which the business outgrew years ago. The vision Kevin had for the space kept evolving as the construction stretched over months. Earlier this year one side opened, and then finally in May the entire space was ready for the public.


The new space has seating for at least 50 people, which includes the famous Adirondack chairs outside. Kevin’s main focus for Track 5 Coffee is making sure it provides customers with the best cup of coffee possible. Right now Track 5 Coffee is serving Nitro cold brew iced coffee, and eventually Kevin hopes to offer draft lattes. The draft system allows for a pour that’s creamy, foamy, and incredibly smooth. The larger space also allows Kevin’s employees to work more efficiently and makes for an experience that keeps bringing people back. Kevin has already noticed an increase in new customers, something he attributes not only to the improvements he’s made, but also to the fact that the new residents moving to Cranford are eager to support a local coffee shop.


Returning customers may notice the expanded selection of sandwiches and quality pastries now available at Track 5 Coffee. New sandwiches have been added to the menu, while the mouth-watering display of pastries includes selections from 20 area bakeries, including Breadsmith. In the near future, Kevin plans to approach local artists about displaying and selling their artwork on the walls of Track 5 Coffee. Right now, though, he’s taking a deep breath and enjoying the fact that the vision for his business has finally become a reality.

New space

Track 5 Coffee
5 Eastman Street
(908) 276-0595

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