Marino’s Seafood Market: One of Downtown’s Best Kept Secrets

Marino’s Seafood Market first opened in Cranford in 1945, with the restaurant opening 30 years later. Mike Tears and Billy Provod came to work for Marino’s in the mid-90′s, and have been there ever since. The previous owner of Marino’s wanted to sell, and in October Mike and Billy took over as the owners of one of downtown Cranford’s best-kept secrets.

Mike and Billy love working at Marino’s and have established relationships and friendships with many of the customers. They estimate that around 70% of their business comes from the restaurant, while the remainder is from the fish market. There are a number of regular customers who stop by frequently to see what fish the market is carrying that day. Mike and Billy will also reach out to their suppliers if a customer has a special request. Marino’s has a number of staples that it always carries, in addition to seasonal specials. In the summertime the most popular seafood dishes include flounder, sole, crab cakes, and haddock. Scallops are also always a big seller.

One lesson that was passed on from Marino’s previous owners was that their customers expect the freshest, highest quality seafood. To that end, Mike and Billy have a strong relationship with their seafood purveyors and know they can trust the quality and price that they’re provided with. The restaurant also prepares everything in-house including their salad dressings and sauces. Marino’s blue cheese dressing is especially popular, with many customers stopping by to pick it up on football Sundays to pair with wings. Marino’s is closed only on Monday, and offers dinner Wednesday through Sunday. The restaurant is byob, so grab a bottle of your favorite wine and stop by for some of the freshest seafood around. Marino’s Seafood Market & Restaurant 34 North Ave. East 908-276-1333

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