Merchant Spotlight: Lidia’s Cuban Kitchen

Walk by Lidia’s Cuban Kitchen on a Friday or Saturday night and and the energy inside is sure to draw you in. Since opening in 2013 the restaurant has been enthusiastically embraced by local residents and people from throughout the area. Owner Lidia Galvaz learned how to cook authentic Cuban cuisine from her mother and ex-mother-in-law. She had been waiting for the chance to open her own restaurant, and after her brother’s restaurant in Highlands closed following Hurricane Sandy, Lidia decided the time was right. She had always loved the community feel of Cranford and appreciated the support businesses receive from residents.

Lidia was fortunate to open her restaurant in Cranford at a time when the town was staking its claim as a true dining destination. The majority of her customers come in due to word of mouth and she also benefits from substantial foot traffic. Lidia can always count on people returning once they’ve tasted her authentic Cuban cooking. She estimates that nearly 80% of her customers could be considered regulars.


Lidia considers the signature dish at her restaurant to be La Cubana which offers tastes of roasted pork, oxtail, and twice fried beef. It gives customers a great sample of Cuban cooking. Lidia also singles out her Skirt Steak as another dish that customers love, as well as the Tres Leches cake and Flan desserts, both of which are made in-house. All of the dishes come from authentic Cuban recipes and all of the food is made fresh. As Lidia puts it, the food is not fast food and it’s worth the wait.

La Cubana
Lidia makes a point of introducing herself to new business owners, as well as using local businesses whenever possible. Her generosity has led to a restaurant that’s renowned as much for its delicious food as its warm, welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is BYO, so grab a bottle of rum or wine, head on over, and let Lidia welcome you to her kitchen.

Lidia’s Cuban Kitchen
117 N. Union Ave.
(908) 272-8226

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