The DellaVecchia Group Provides Financial Advice for Businesses & Individuals

Saving for college, changing jobs, caring for eldery parents – these are just a few of the life changes that cause people to take a closer look at their finances. The DellaVecchia Group is there to help people navigate any life changes that impact finances or causes them to re-work their financial goals. James DellaVecchia, the owner of The DellaVecchia Group, started his business after working as a stockbroker for a number of years. James knew that eventually he wanted to work in the town where he lived with his family, so he would have the ability to spend the day at the office but also be home for dinner. One and a half years ago, James finally took the leap and opened The DellaVecchia Group at 4 Centennial Ave.

James DellaVecchia

James and his team work with both businesses and individuals. Individual financial goals often revolve around retirement planning, saving for college, protection in case of death or disability, or guidance due to a life change such as divorce, job promotion, or changing jobs. Businesses use DellaVecchia Group to help with employee benefits, such as medical, dental, and 401(k). Upon first meeting new clients, James has a conversation with them to gather as much information as possible, and to understand what exactly their goals are. The DellaVecchia Group has quickly become known in the community almost exclusively from word of mouth and referrals.


The success of The DellaVecchia Group is due in large part to the efforts of James and his team helping people deal with difficult topics and finding solutions for them. Relationships are formed, and customers know that the members of The DellaVecchia Group are always accessible and available to answer questions or concerns. The group’s clients run the spectrum, from young parents looking to save for their children’s education, to older adults planning for retirement. Superior service and commitment to customers are two of the cornerstones of The DellaVecchia Group.

The DellaVecchia Group
4 Centennial Ave.
(908) 272-9000

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